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Custom : Get a software custom developed and tailored for your exact need.
Readymade: Get a packaged solution that best fits your need.
Hybrid solution: Get a custom software platform that allows you to develop and build over it.


Android (GPS Based) and Cloud Based
Real Time Employee Tracking
Report to Work from Field
Location Validation on Punch-In & Punch-Out
Real-time Synchronization of attendance Status
Automatic Working hour Calculation
Payroll Management


Sales Management
Follow up management
Task Management
Automatic Remainder
Reports Generation
Service Management.

ERP for Factories

Integrates all areas of manufacturing process with backtraking,
Materials and inventory,
Production planning,
Inventory management


Customize your own Cloud software according to your business needs. Customize your own Cloud software according to your business needs.



Smcodetech is a Customer centric software company which believes in WOM. We Strictly focus on providing “Professional work with Friendliness support”.So WE strive to be the number one choice for all your IT needs Smcodetech with highly skilled and well experienced developers provides extensive customer support to ensure client satisfaction with the design, functionality and user friendly results.


Client-Centric Approach


Which means you come first. Customer satisfaction is topmost on our list of priorities. Our team gives you the highest level of technical support at every step of the project cycle. Right from the inception to the conclusion of a project, SMcodetech is your friend, your partner, your confidant who works at an unbelievable pace and with unmatched dedication to convert your ideas, dreams & requirements to reality.

Why Us


Our services compete on cost, domain knowledge, and process expertise. We are punctilious and diligent team players. We value time and money – yours as well as ours. We are at par with the latest know-how of the digital environment.



Businesses need smarter and superior solutions. People need simpler processes. At SMcodetech, we shape technology with understanding and knowlegde. Our highest goal is to achieve value for you and your business. We promise you the maximum out of the minimum. And, we don't mind being challenged because we know how to get our job done. If you want to work together and achieve maximum value for your business, call us today.

Our Vision


Our entire team at SMcodetech is focussed on providing the best possible experience for our clients. We are very proud to have "Customer Intimacy" as our key business driver. That attitude is embedded in our vision: "that every single one of our clients would willingly recommend SMcodetech to any other business seeking the products and services that we deliver."

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Website Development

We highly focus on developing user friendly and compatible web app which are fully tailored to address your valuable and unique requirements after in-depth analysis. Developing next generation web applications to help you sail smooth through constantly-evolving technological changes. Our developers can change your ideas into reality by using their creative talent and experience.

Desktop App Development

We at Smcodetech strive to develop desktop application which are unique among its competitors. Our desktop applications provide automate specific business process to improve performance and synchronize business process through technology.The desktop application which we develop as per your requirements are efficient, user-friendly and customized desktop application that can run offline in your PC with your desired language.

Mobile App Development

The Mobile application which we develop are highly responsive and compatible with most of smartphone models available in market. The app which we develop for you as per your needs will be responsive even for varying screen sizes because they will be developed by trained, skilled, well experienced and organized app developers.

Factory Automation Software

We are developing smart Automation software including industrial and manufacturing processes,deliver precise, ERP, HRM, CRM, real time data on industrial machine setting for process control and analysis of data and Customized machine integrated software.

IOT Application

If you want to be smart in today’s smart world then here we are, by providing Tracking system, Automation system and Management system, Notification system, Alert system ,Measurement system, Remote controlling system and can be customized according to your requirements.

Web Hosting & Cloud Solution

Having issues with the web hosting and Cloud computing, relax we will take care of that. We provide Cloud computing solution and web hosting services where if you want to host your website to other hosting provider or with us the choice is yours, we’ll do as per your requirements.

Project Research & Development

Have an idea, let’s make it live. According to you and Your business needs, if you want do develop a system just quote us we’ll do the in-depth analysis and research for your project and develop it for you.

Cloud App development services

We at Smcodetech are expertise in developing Custom cloud computing app development, SaaS(Software as a service), Paas(platform as a service), Iaas(infrastructure as a service). We also provide total secure cloud computing Implementation(including SSL / TLS) encryption, Cloud Programming Solutions, Multi-Platform Based Solutions and Cloud Computing Protocol Solutions.

Digital marketing

We at smcodetech have experience and practice of doing digital marketing that can boost your business.we have proficient professionals which focuses on making your business a Brand in the respective industry sector. We accomplish this with giving wide publicity to your brand through all authoritative online platforms. Under digital marketing we provide SEO service (search engine optimization),Branding , Content marketing, web content marketing , email marketing, social media marketing.


We Work On Following Languages

Java is Pure Object Oriented Programming Language secure & fast, We Build Any types of Applications like Web, Desktop, Mobile, embedded Etc, Most of popular Applications, Banking Software, Secure Websites are build through Java.

We are living in word of smart phone, smart phone make work easy, fast, and work anywhere. Handle your business any time anywhere in your pocket. By this language we build Mobile Application.

By PHP Programming language we build fast, secure Website as well as APIs. PHP have lots of plugins, plugin we build fast application.

IoT wants to connect all potential objects to interact each other on the internet to provide secure, comfort life for human. Internet of Things (IoT) makes our world as possible as connected together. Nowadays we almost have internet infrastructure wherever and we can use it whenever. Embedded computing devices would be exposed to internet influence. Common instances for embedded computing devices are MP3 players, MRI, traffic lights, microwave ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, GPS even heart monitoring implants or biochip and etc.

.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to create applications more easily. a framework is just a bunch of code that the programmer can call without having to write it explicitly.It contains three major parts: 1) Common Language Runtime. 2) Framework Class Libraries. 3) The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site.

Python is Programming language we can develop Desktop and Web based programming language.Python is a dynamic language and can help you write the same code in significantly fewer lines. Python has a moto "batteries included", which means that the standard library offers all the things needed to build a complex application.


Looking to develop applications for your internal use or trying to launch a product?We design cloud applications

Software As A Service (SAAS) providers

Application Design and Development

Custom Application Development

Collaboration Portal Development